Friday, August 21, 2009

"What You See Depends On What You Are Looking For"

So many times life feels so frustrating! Everything looks like it is going wrong. Like when the microwave breaks, the oven breaks too. But other times everything looks perfect, the world could not look better, we have a "Rich Existence," but the microwave and oven are still broken.

Has anything really changed, other than what we are looking for?

How do we change from having a poor existence to a rich one?

How do we change what we are looking for?

What type of things were you doing when you felt like you had a rich existence?

When we feel like we are at a poor point in our lives, if we can remember the rich times in our lives, the memory can begin to give us hope. The memory will help us remember that there was a time when things were better. When we remember a time things were better, it gives us hope that life can be fulfilling, rich, and happy again.

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